7 reasons why you should wear a teething necklace

Teething necklaces, nursing necklaces, chewlery, baby-proof jewellery, breastfeeding necklaces, fiddle necklaces......there are a lot of names for them and I'm not going to lie they have been around for a while now, they are not new but there is a reason for that and its because they are an essential for any new mother.

You've probably seen other mums wearing them (or perhaps not so much recently with lockdown) and you like them but, you're not really sure what all the fuss is about and your'e not quite sure why you should be wearing one?

Don't worry I've chosen to share 7 benefits of wearing a teething necklace below. 

1. The look stylish 

Becoming a mum can have a serious impact on your identity and its not something that you may have been prepared for. Everything in your life has now become about your little baby and you are probably feeling a little lost with your identity. Sleep deprivation and just the chaos of a new baby can mean that sometimes you are lucky to even get dressed or showered properly. 

Teething necklaces come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes and a lot of companies offer custom designs so you really are able to find something to suit your style. Take a look at these teething necklaces designs here if you need some inspiration. They are super versatile and something that you can easily grab and put into the change bag that is actually for you and not the baby. 


2. Something for your baby to grab that isn't you

Babies like to reach out and grab anything and there will come a time when your little one stops being all snuggly and starts to reach out to grab you. Any part of you.....your hair..... your nose......grabbing your chest....grabbing your lips.....hitting your face. Its not cute and it does get annoying. Fiddle necklaces as they are sometimes referred to offer just that......something for your little one to fiddle with that isn't you. They also come with a safety breakaway clasp at the back that will open if your baby pulls too hard. 


3. Hand eye co-ordination 

As mentioned in point 2 above, babies love to grab, and a teething necklace offers the perfect opportunity for them to practice that hand-eye co-ordination. Your baby will develop these skills by reaching out for your teething jewellery. This helps with their hand eye cordination development and is the very first steps of the skills they will use when you start to wean them onto solid foods. 


3. Sensory tool for your baby 

The often bright ocntrasting colours of the silicone beads are perfect for getting your little ones attention. Teething necklace beads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and textures. You will often find silicone, wood, crochet beads on teething necklaces and the different angles and textures provide the perfect sensory experience for your baby. 


4. The perfect teething accessory 

There will come a time when your baby starts to teeth. You'll know when it is happening as everything goes into their mouths and the like to chew on anything they can find. Teething jewellery offers the perfect solution for this. The silicone beads provide a firm and durable surface to massage the sore gums and wooden beads provide a  harder surface to help the teeth cut through.


5. Tactile for a breastfeeding baby 

There will come a time on your breastfeeding journey that your baby becomes really interested int he world around them and will want to do anything other than stay still and feed like they used to when they were really little. It can become quite frustrating and you often find you have to go and feed in a darkened room with minimal stimulation. That is always practical through especially when your feeding on demand. A breastfeeding necklace is a tactile distraction that will keep them close to you whilst feeding. Trust me on this one it really saved my feeding journey with my daughter Neve. 


6. Non -Toxic

Silicone beads are made from 100 % food grade silicone, they are non-toxic and free from chemicals, PVAs and BPA. Silicone. They wont harbour bacteria, mould or fungus.  Wooden beads are splinter free and naturally antibacterial. 

* Please check when purchasing any teething jewellery with the seller for safety certificates. Any reputable company will be happy to show you compliance certificates. 


7.  Easy to clean

Teething jewellery can be easily cleaned. All silicone necklaces can be sterilised in a steam steriliser and left to dry and any necklaces with wooden beads can be spot cleaned and left to dry. 


So, there you have it. I hope that list has helped to point out the benefits of a teething necklace. There is so much more that could be written about why you should wear one but I think the above is enough for now. After all you are probably quite busy right now with that baby of yours. 


Now go and grab one for yourself and enjoy with your baby.  


Kate x