Ethan & Neve was born in the midst of the pandemic whilst I was on maternity leave with my daughter Neve. Feed after feed of being hit, scratched, and having my hair grabbed I'd had enough and needed something for her to play with instead of me.

I’d had a teething necklace with my first-born Ethan but felt like I wanted to create some of my own designs. So, I began designing and loved the simple pop of colour stylish creations. My daughter loved it so much and our feeding sessions became much more enjoyable too.

Then came the first tooth along with the four month sleep regression and I was loosing my sanity. Everything she touched went in her mouth and I desperately searched for something safe for her to chew on and help ease her sore gums, but anything I gave her did not help. I came across silicone bead teething rings and rattles whilst making my necklaces and again decided to design and create my own. She loved it and wouldn’t put it down. I also loved how easy it was for her to hold and use.

Seeing these gorgeous products I’d produced I knew that I wanted to share them to help others in the same situation. I went about researching toy safety and after months of research my designs were sent off to an accredited UK test house and tested against the UK Toy Safety standard.  

During my research it became apparent that there are many sellers out there selling unsafe products that do not meet safety Standards and it's terrifying so I decided that I would do something about it. Now I make and sell stylish teething jewellery and accessories for you and safe teething toys and dummy clips for your baby. 

I hope you like them and enjoy them as much as we do.

Kate xx

Owner of Ethan & Neve Kate who is the creator and designer for all teething necklaces, breastfeeding necklaces and teething toys.