Ready to launch

So I'm writing this bog post on the eve of the launch of Ethan & Neve website and it feels fairly surreal....Firstly because its 10:15pm on a Saturday night and sitting at a computer writing a blog isn't something I would usually be doing. Secondly, because this has been a long time in the making and I feel a bit like I've gone back in time and I'm anxiously waiting for my exam results or to hear back on a job interview I really wanted. At the same time, I am super excited and can't wait for the website to go live and for me to be able to start formally selling my beautiful range of teething necklaces, teething bangles, teething toys, dummy clips and accessories to you.   

If you want to know a bit more about the events that led me into setting up this shop then head over to the about us section here where I go into a bit of the background. 

For any small business owners out there, you can probably relate to this post and it may be bringing back memories of how you felt before the launch or start of your own business. Currently with all the social media platforms vying for our constant attention showing endless streams of beautiful content it’s really hard not to get drawn into comparisonitis (not sure that is an actual word, but you all know what I mean) and start to feel really overwhelmed. However, I read a post today that said to not compare your start with someone else's middle and it really hit home for me. You see, for months now I've been doing lots of research looking into how other people are working the social media beast and looking at other websites that to me they all look fantastic, really great and I have been quite envious. But today something just clicked, and I have realised that there not only is a place for my business but that I will one day be a business that a new starter looks to for guidance with their own research. 

I've spent so much time and effort doing research designing and creating products that are 100 safe for your babies to use that there is no doubt in my mind that you will love them all. There is so much more I have planned for this store too but for now that will have to wait, as I concentrate on serving all of you amazing mothers (or fathers/grandparents/aunties/uncles/friends/partners) helping you to add an element of style to your wardrobe with friendly teething jewellery and accessories and helping to provide you with unique beautiful handmade teething toys and dummy clips that have been through extensive testing in the UK to ensure their safety for you little loved ones. 

So, if you are still reading this then I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the shop today and I hope you find something that you fancy. After all it is Mother’s day so go on treat yourself.