So, this teething necklace just saved me.............

In fact, I’m writing this as my 2 year old son has finally fallen asleep in my arms after crying/screaming for 45 mins for the big light to be put on whilst going to sleep. You see he was super overtired after a 4am early morning wake up and a full day at nursery without a nap (he’s not napped in the day for several months now). As I said for some reason he wanted to sleep with the big light on, although I doubt I’ll ever find out why. I know he didn’t really want the big light was one of those scenarios you’ve probably all encountered. I’m assuming he’s feeling like he didn’t have enough control over things that have happened today.

Anyway, I started to fiddle with my teething necklace probably out of pure despair at the situation, then he noticed it. He immediately grabbed it and played with it loosely with his hands and observed it and in an instant he had calmed down as if I’d flipped a switch. He settled right down, we had a little chat and a big cuddle and he promptly fell asleep in my arms like a new-born baby. So, these super versatile little things really are the wonder jewellery for any mumma. From new-born to fiercely independent nearly 3 year olds.

I knew there was a reason I started a business based around them.

The love I feel right now is for my troubled little boy and his sheer desire for the big light to be on and love for the necklace that saved me and love for my new business knowing that I design and make beautiful items that can help you.