Speckled white dummy clip

Speckled white dummy clip

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Dummy clips - The perfect solution for keeping your baby's dummy clean and dry. The dummy clip attaches to your child's clothes which, keeps the dummy close to the body and helps to prevent it falling into clothes, little hands, the pram or buggy and worse still the floor! 

Our dummy clips are made from non toxic food grade silicone beads which are non toxic and constructed to comply with British Safety standard 12586. T

An essential baby product for when you are out and about. They take the stress out of worrying about loosing or not having a dummy to hand when needed and ensure that you have a more enjoyable day. 

Product Detail

Silicone clip with 3 ventilation holes

9 x 15mm silicone beads

1 x 15m wooden bead 

1,5mm wax cord 

Safety & care

As safety is our number 1 priority these dummy clips have been independently tested in a UK accredited test house and come with the following warning for your child's safety:

  • Inspect the soother clip carefully before each use and throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.
  • Never lengthen the soother holder
  • Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing as there is a risk of strangulation.
  • Only attach the soother holder to clothing.
  • The soother holder is not to be used when the baby is in a cot, bed or crib and should only be used under the supervision of an adult.
  • The soother holder is not to be used as a toy or a teether.
  • The soother holder is compliant with BSEN 12586:2007.

Our dummy clips can be washed gently in warm soapy water and left to dry.  Do not soak the metal part of the clip as this may cause rusting.  If the metal clip does get wet, dry the clip immediately.  Do not use any other cleaning solutions or cleaning sprays as this may compromise the quality of the dummy clip. Always check the dummy clip before use and discard immediately at any signs of damage.